second life for your bags??

"why not give your pre-loved bags a second chance ?? "

you used to bring it close by your side, every where you go, it holds your stuffs securely for you...

you used to show it off to your friends, and proudly introduce them by their first name Lxxxx or Gxxxx...etc..

you used to wipe the surfaces clean from smudges or even fingerprints... you used to treasure it well... UNTIL...

you met another "friend" may be bigger and holds more things or it maybe smaller to be chic enough to impress your ladies frens..

so...INSTEAD of leaving your old good fren inside the damp closet...why not give them a second chance?

let it go at a reasonable price to another who will treasure it again??
who will show it off proudly agin to others ??


we sincerely appreciated your thoughtfulness...

best regards, from